I was experimenting with some star trails again last night. I spent about 3 hrs on location and 1hr on travel. I set my tripod up on the lake and took the first shot just after sunset, the rest came later. After the whole thing was over, I looked at my camera and noticed that it looked cold, very cold. Frost had covered the whole camera and lens, so I thought that it might be time to go. I had no idea how long frost had been on the lens, so I was hoping that I still got enough photos for my star trails. I think I got a sufficient amount, but now I have another thing to think about next time. Think I’m not going so wide next time either.

Anyways, I’m going to shoot the moon today (full moon), nothing fancy, just a clean moon pic.

Stay warm!

Above: Star trails over a frozen lake in Joensuu, Finland.