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Scouting In The Snow

I did some scouting for photography spots today over a frozen lake. There were a few islands along the way, but unfortunately I didn’t find anything too interesting. Anyways, just thought I’d share some photos from the travel since it was snowing like crazy!

Above: Taking a short break, sitting on the lake. It was incredibly difficult to see the horizon due to the sun and snow.

Above: Just a quick shot into the sun. There is a skier in this photo, among the snow.

Above: A photo from last night. The clouds started rolling in right after sunset.

Raining Twilight


Raining Twilight

I planned this photo for quite some time. Before I took the picture, I’d already scouted in advance for the location and planned the composition. I also took note of how long it would take me to get to the location and what camera settings I would use. When the weather is bad, I find it good to explore and plan for possible future photo ideas.

On the day of the shoot, I left my home so that I would get there right after sunset. That way it would be easier to get my foreground in focus and naturally lit (didn’t want to do any light painting). I also wanted to get some colour from the sunset into the final edit.

I started to take photos at different stages until the sun had completely vanished behind the horizon. When the sky became dark enough, I started taking photos for the star trails. It was an interesting experience though, and while I definitely could have done a few things better, I am happy with the shot and enjoyed the learning process  along the way.

The final image is a blend of different stages from evening into the night. I think that I enjoy this style and will continue to experiment with it in the future.

Some recent photos

Here is a collection of photos from the last few months. I will be posting new photos that aren’t used in my portfolio to this blog section.